Reality of Fear.

You’re not scared of the dark. You’re scared of what’s in it. You’re not afraid of heights. You’re afraid of falling. You’re not afraid of the people around you. You’re just afraid of rejection. You’re not afraid to love. You’re just afraid of not being loved back. You’re not afraid to let go. You’re just […]


Aiming for such a long time to be able to accomplish just that 10%, finally it did. Yes, it was such a bitter-sweet moment, no, not really bitter-sweet. It’s just something I took 3 months to get inside my head. I need to face the reality, and I guess now it’s the right time. I do admit […]


Don’t ever let them fall down from your cheeks. Don’t ever let them block you from clarity. Once they fall The moment they fall You know you fell apart again. Don’t let them go. Don’t let them fall. Don’t fall apart. You are worth more than you thought you are. Please. Don’t do this to […]

Watch me fall.

You gave me hope. I kept it. Waiting. Tick Tock. It never happens. You stared like an idiot. I stare like an idiot. I’m too much of a coward to take the second step. Waiting for you to do so. But you never did. I just want to ask you, What are you thinking? To […]

New Start

  So true. I should stop daydreaming. Miracles won’t happen if I don’t do anything prove that I’m worthy. I choose not to do that. It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s mine. I know I don’t have enough courage, and I guess I will continue to choose the easy way out. Wish me luck, tomorrow will […]


Sometimes I wish I was braver. Suck it up, and be a flight taker. Sadly, I’m always afraid of failures and rejections. I guess this is the reason why I’ll always have regrets. Always afraid of taking the first step. What do I stand for? I know if I don’t do something now, everything will […]